HLP.Guru is a unique new app built to help people qualify for a mortgage loan.

The easy-to-use app provides access to a person’s credit score and other valuable information to help them learn how to qualify for a mortgage loan. It has powerful analysis tools so you can simulate your borrowing capacity, model your credit position and actually save money. It is particularly valuable for first-time homeowners seeking to buy a home, including people who have already been turned down for a mortgage loan.

HLP.Guru provides all of the tools needed to build a plan to help qualify for a mortgage loan. But if you need help from an expert - one of our gurus - you can call them or chat online. Our gurus are full-time housing counselors that work with nonprofit organizations approved by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development. These counselors work with people nationwide, every day, to help them fulfill their dream of homeownership.

How HLP.Guru Works

  • Any person joining HLP.Guru receives a copy of their credit report each month and complete access to our app.

  • It helps prospective home buyers understand steps they can take to strengthen their credit score.

  • Using computer models, the app simulates how much you may be able to borrow for a home loan. By showing how higher credit scores can improve your ability to borrow, the models can people save money on their loan.

Gurus Will Help You

  • Potential home buyers can opt to work with a "guru" - a nonprofit housing counselor assigned by HLP.

  • By sharing your information online, your guru will help you develop a financial plan to reach your goals.

  • HLP.guru is a service provided by HLP, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people obtain and sustain homeownership. To find out more about our organization, visit us at HLP.org