Home buyers are often faced with the dizzying task of making sense of all the bits and pieces required to qualify and buy a home.

That’s why developed an App especially designed to not only get you ready to buy, but give you ways to save big when you do.

HLP.Guru gives you insights into the way that lenders review your credit, debt, and qualifying ability. This powerful App allows you to review your credit, run simulations on choices related to your credit, and align yourself with a borrowing strategy that personally fits your needs.

HLP.Guru gives you the option to connect with homebuying providers like your lender, real estate agent, settlement providers and other products you need like insurance and home warranties to protect it. So, when you’re ready to buy you’ll be in charge.

Get insights on the key criteria lenders use – credit score and debt-to-income ratio – that lenders use to qualify you.

  • Get access the same analysis tools and criteria lenders use to qualify you.

  • Pull your credit and run simulations before you apply or buy.

  • Find a participating real estate professional and get up to 20% off your real estate fee (certain restrictions apply).

  • Choose your own service providers to handle your home purchase transaction.

  • Shop from a network of participating providers that make home buying more convenient that save you money.

So go ahead. Take charge and let HLP.Guru put you in control of the home buying process before you buy!